North East Lakewood Advocates

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Get To Know Us

Northeast Lakewood Advocates is a collaborative group working as an extension of the West Colfax Community Association, its neighborhood associations, local businesses, and residents. It exists to provide community-based advocacy that raises our voice in unison to ensure stakeholders and policymakers know our priorities and positions on matters related to the current and future economic vitality and quality of life in our area.

Our Purpose

A collaborative, high-impact, advocacy group that works with WCCA, local neighborhood organizations, business owners, and concerned citizens to raise our voice in unison on current and future matters pertaining to the economic vitality and quality of life in our area

Downloading & Using NELA Resources

Below are links to NELA’s resources for the organization and all of it’s neighborhood associations.. General NELA documentation can be found at the “See NELA Docs” button. Documentation relating to specific neighborhood events and resources can be found at the “See Neighborhood Docs” button. There, users will find folders for each of our neighborhoods that contain their specific resources.

All documents are available for both online viewing and download via the Dropbox platform.

Uploading NELA Resources for Public Use

To add documents to the above public resource folders, simply click the button below. This will provide a field that will automatically upload documents to the publicly viewable folders noted above. Select the appropriate upload space by clicking on the specific related folder below.

General NELA Documentation for Upload

Upload Files To Neighborhood Association Folders