Micro-Grant Program & Application 

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Specific Qualifications and Examples

  • The WCCA Micro Grant Program is open to civic groups (such as Rotary, Optimist, and Kiwanis) neighborhood organizations (such as Two Creeks, Morse Park, Eiber, and NE Lakewood), 501(c)3 nonprofits (such as 40 West Arts and The Action Center) and for cases in which the public good element is strong, a private individual or entity may apply.

  • Grant applicants must have a clear benefit to the public good. Such examples might include bike racks or other pedestrian amenities for public areas, beautification projects (murals, public art, artistic crosswalk) in public spaces or dedicated private spaces with public access; support for a specific public school project or student experiences; or matching support for NPP or other community-centric grants. 

WCCA's Grant Program Can Help Your Little Idea Have a Big Impact!

Does your civic, neighborhood, or nonprofit organization have an idea that benefits the West Colfax corridor, but you need a little funding to make it happen?  Do you or your business have a proposal that beautifies West Colfax or improves the business climate in the corridor—and you’re willing to work to see it through if you had some financial support? 

If so, the West Colfax Community Association (WCCA) may be able to help! Consider applying for a WCCA Micro Grant, ranging from $250 to $1,500. These grants are designed for local individuals or organizations who have ideas to improve the West Colfax community. Concepts must have a clear benefit to the public good.

Funding Levels

$250 to $1,500 (may receive partnering funds from BID or other sources)

How/When Awarded

  • Grant submission deadline #1: March 1 for award by June 1

  • Grant submission deadline #2: Sept. 1 for award by Dec. 1

  • Awards decisions made in a two-step process: 1) a recommendation from a WCCA grant committee, and 2) approval of the WCCA Board

Grant Criteria

  1. Must be a service organization with a West Colfax connection and local impact

  2. Must acknowledge source of funds to the organization’s membership/stakeholders

  3. Must demonstrate a minimum of 25% matching funds (50% desired)

  4. Must tie to a “public good” component in one or more of the objectives listed above

  5. Must complete submission process and follow guidelines

  6. Must have Letter of Support from at least one WCCA member

  7. Must agree to reporting requirements: Notification of project completion within 30 days of target date, including at least one digital photo of result

  8. Awards will be based on the impact of the project. The determination of the organization’s ability to execute, and the availability of funds.

Micro Grant Application

Please read the grant criteria before submitting, and then complete the following form; all fields are required. March 1 submissions will be notified on or before June 1. September 1 submissions will be notified on or before December 1. Grant awards are subject to availability of funds.